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  1. Found a post regardingbinfestation and opression, but it was not by hapoenstance. God works things for good. I saw a lot of the symptoms applied to me and one symptom had clinched it. Schizoaffective disorder. I was, and I say was because I’ve been delivered from it, diagnosed with Schizoaffective depressive type.

    What led me to further pursue the issue was how i had knew a particular person before ever even meeting them! I was able to join in a bible study and then walked through deliverance with the help of others in this ministry afterwards. I found out i had a lot more evil spirits to deal with then what I first thought.

    Upon reaching the end i declared my healing. My post nasal drip dried up, I no longer suffer from nausea, or any othe the symptoms of being previously diagnosed with Schizoaffective. I felt immediate piece, and received encouraging words of comfort from the Lord. Thank you Jesus! And that you God for the precious gift of your son. I am forever grateful. <3

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